Evidence of Performance

2014 – 2015, 6 C-print photographs, 25 x 33 cm

In series Evidence of Performance I submit photographs as an evidence of the past actions. In these I got involved into a fight which I have provoked. Each photo has a caption describing the situation which led to the fight.

I tried to explain that Romani people are are salt of the earth in the Train station pub.

 24/10/2014, Kladno

I tried to explain that Romani people are the salt of the earth in the pub at the train station.

03/11/2014, Prague-Libeň
I tried to persuade local pimps to let the prostitute have fair share of the profits.

18/12/2014, Prague-Letná
I explained to an unknown man that his art was trash.

01/01/2015, Prague-Holešovice

I became a martyr in a non-stop bar on the New Year's Day, where everybody was desparate and wanted to vent their anger on someone.

11/04/2015, Prague-Holešovice
I applied makeup to my face according to Youtube tutorial “MAKEUP SFX: Black Eye / Bruising”.

03/05/2015, Prague-Smíchov
I didn’t want to pay my bill in a pub even though I had the money and everybody knew it.